About Us

Scott and Kari assumed pastoral leadership in February of 2002, with only a handful of people present. As of today, the church has reached its full seating capacity. We are now praying about building a new sanctuary. It has truly been amazing to watch and see how God has anointed out pastor to lead this congregation into a place of blessing where God’s presence is so real. It is a place where people come from miles around just to get in on what God is doing. Souls are being saved, marriages have been mended, people have received physical and financial breakthroughs and so much more. We are careful to give GOD all of the glory, for He has done amazing things. We can only look forward to what else he has in store for our ever-growing ministry.

Here at “God’s House”, we believe in upholding and declaring the truth and love of God! Whether you’re already a believer, or still seeking answers, you’ll be welcomed here with open hands and warm hearts. If you’ve never visited us, you have our personal invitation to come be a part of something bigger than yourself, a worship experience where the presence and power of
God are sure to touch your heart and change your life forever!

You can find out more about Scott and Kari Boatner at www.scottboatner.com

2 responses to “About Us

  1. joe cunningham

    just wanted to know if the preacher was still living

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